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Duet for Flute & Guitar

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Duet for Flute & Guitar

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Level: Medium/Medium Advanced
Duration: 13:10

Copyright © 2022 Juan G. García

PDF – Sheet Music, Page 1

I began composing the “Duet for Flute & Guitar,” entitled “Time,” on August 12, 1999 and completed it by December of that same year. This piece was inspired by flute player Sarah Chamberlin. I gained a new respect and appreciation for the flute during this period in my life.

“Time” has five distinct movements with a performance time duration of approximately 12 minutes. The main theme outlines a minor 3rd descending chromatically and is the cell from which all else grows. Several time signature changes occur throughout the piece as well as in the opening theme. A mostly tonal piece, all though in various key centers, with most sparing moments of Phrygian mode at the beginning and very end.

I was inspired to compose other pieces for the flute as well such as the “Duet For 2 Flutes,” “Duet For Flute & Piano,” and the “Duet For Flute & Harp.” Sarah Chamberlin was also my inspiration for my acoustic love ballad, “Our Hearts Choose.” I owe its particular character and lyric to that fact.