Instrument Lessons

Juan G. García offers lessons for a wide variety of instruments.

Started Offering Private Lessons In His Teens

Self-taught, first on piano at age 6/7 and then on guitar at 11, he eventually turned his attention to serious piano study in college in order to fulfill school requirements.

His first private students sought out his tutelage when only a teenager and still teaches privately on most musical instruments preferring the Guitar (Classical, Jazz, Rock) Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Trumpet, Percussion and Piano.

Feedback from Juan’s Students

Mr. García is patient, excited when Gabe learns something new and is always encouraging him to push himself to be a better musician.

L. Weitzman (Mom of Gabe)

Drums, 3 years

Our daughter Hannah has been working with Juan since she was 7 years old. Juan has always had high expectations with each progression and helps Hannah to push herself to be her best. He strikes the right balance between teaching her to be a serious music student and fostering a love and appreciation for music. He helped her audition for the All County Jazz Festival, when Hannah had the honor to play for over 2,000 audience members… Read more.

D. Weiner (Mom of Hannah)

Guitar, 10 years

My son, age 10, was having great difficulty learning beginning concepts in instrumental music (violin) and needed tutoring outside his school day. Juan was my absolute first choice as a private instructor. He was not only supportive and nurturing but specific, articulate and on point. He is a bright and happy person with a wonderful sense of humor.

M. Casazza

Violin, 1 year

Juan is a dedicated, passionate and patient teacher who goes beyond just teaching to play an instrument but also shares his love of music. He has guided and supported my daughter’s growth as a violinist in a fun and engaging way. He focuses not only on ability, technique, and understanding, but also on making her pieces come together so that she is prepared for NYSSMA.

D. Sexton (Mom of Ava)

Violin, 1.5 years

I would like to highly recommend Mr. García as a music teacher for your children. Mr. García is very passionate about music. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, motivational and caring. My older son decided to participate in NYSSMA just few months before the exam, and Mr. García prepared him on the highest level. My second son is currently taking saxophone lessons with Mr. García as the school temporarily suspended music instructions during the pandemic. My son said that he learned more with Mr. García in three lessons… Read more.

L. Davidson (Mom of Davidson Brothers)

Trombone and Saxophone, 2 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some basic FAQ to help you get a better understanding of who Juan is, his experience and how he might positively impact your (or your child’s) music education.

How long have you been offering private lessons?

I’ve been offering private lessons for over 40 years!

What instruments do you offer private lessons for?

Many, including the Guitar (Classical, Jazz, Rock) Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Trumpet, Percussion and Piano.

What ages to you prefer to teach?

I love teaching anyone at any age who wants to learn! I’ve taught all ages, Kindergarten through University levels, at CUNY/Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College under Harold Rosenbaum and was personally mentored by Dr. David Walker.

How long have you been teaching?

I’ve been teaching in Great Neck for 20 years at both Lakeville and Saddle Rock Schools. I’ve been a certified NYS public school music teacher since 1995. In my role as a teacher, I’ve taught Middle School Concert Band, High School Symphonic Band, Elementary/Middle School/High School String Orchestras and various Guitar Programs.

What have you studied?

I studied Jazz Composition at CUNY/Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College under Jimmy Heath. 

I also studied Violin under Jonathan Strasser.


Where have you performed?

I’ve performed vocally at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully and numerous synagogues throughout NYC & Westchester under Harold Rosenbaum with his Canticum Novum Singers and NYC Virtuoso Singers.

I’ve performed on Violin at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts with Dr. Susan Deaver conducting the C.W. Post Orchestra and the North Shore Orchestra.

I’ve performed in NYC at various venues on Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Keyboards and was lead vocalist of various groups.

What do private lessons look like post-COVID?

Some students/parents have a preference and insist on in-person lessons while others prefer FaceTime lessons; I presently teach both ways.

I offer lessons both remotely (FaceTime and Zoom) and in-person while wearing a mask and social distancing (when I can). The younger and or beginner students require more of a steady “hands-on” approach and likewise, closer proximity when modeling proper playing technique.  

My in-person private students are asked to wipe down and clean musical instruments prior to my arrival with a sanitizing wipe and keep air reasonably circulating during my relatively short 30-60” minute visit


How do I get started?

You can use the contact form below to let me know – what kind of lessons are you interested in, are these lessons for you or for your child, is there a end-goal or a performance ahead, what days might be best in your schedule and do you prefer in-person or remote lessons?

You can also call me at (646) 267-8159 to get the conversation started.


If you want to sign up for lessons, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let me know in the contact form what kind of lessons you’re interested in and what days might be best in your schedule.

Or feel free to leave me a message at the phone number listed.

(646) 267-8159

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