Two Brothers Playing Different Instruments

I asked, “What do you feel is one of the best aspects of my instruction?”

After 2 years of working with Larisa’s boys, her response was, “Extremely knowledgeable, motivational and caring.

She continued: 

I would like to highly recommend Mr. García as a music teacher for your children.

Mr. García is very passionate about music. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, motivational and caring. His energy and enthusiasm shine through his teachings and are contagious to children.

My older son decided to participate in NYSSMA just few months before the exam, and Mr. García prepared him on the highest level. My son was well prepared and got maximum scores on the NYSSMA trombone exam.

My second son is currently taking saxophone lessons with Mr. García as the school temporarily suspended music instruction during the pandemic. My son said that he learned more with Mr. García in three lessons than he did during the whole year of school last year.

My kids are so lucky to have Mr. García as a music teacher.