What Eddie Van Halen Brought to Music

OCTOBER 7, 2020 – Thinking more about Eddie Van Halen’s passing today. I realize that trying to think through a Top 3 for someone as revolutionary as Eddie Van Halen could fall short – no matter which three things I highlight – but here’s what’s on my mind:

1. Innovation

Countless patents are now used as standard in the industry of electric guitar and amplifier construction.

2. Eddie was always smiling!

The joy and happiness that the band transmitted on stage gave rise to the term “Party Band.”

I’ve never seen a musician smile so much during their performances and it just sincerely showed how much he was really enjoying himself and truly having fun!

3. Technique

His two-hand tapping technique, growling whammy bar acrobatics, extensive use of natural and artificial harmonics, his sheer speed and creative use of many effects.

Wearing an old tour t-shirt today in homage.

Hearing his debut album in 1977 when I had just turned 12 years old changed the direction of my music study forever; I never imagined (nor did anyone else at that time) that an electric guitar could sound like that!

Featured Image Credit: EVH Tweet