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Duet for Piano and Oboe

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Duet for Piano and Oboe

Level: Medium
Duration: 6:10

Copyright © 2022 Juan G. García

PDF – Sheet Music, Page 1

I began composing “The Duet for Oboe & Piano,” now entitled “Meditative,” in March of 2012 but soon took a long break from composing due to unforeseen life circumstances. I eventually returned to composing and completed it in the Spring of the following year.

One of my friends, Nicholas Carpino, commented after hearing this yet untitled piece, ”It sounds so… meditative!” I couldn’t help but agree and liked it so much that I left the organically arrived at title as such. This was the first time one of my music compositions was named by someone other than myself.

“Meditative” was inspired by and written for my assistant, Jennifer Hood. We had been working together in the Great Neck school district for a little over a year at the time I began composing it. I had come to hear her practice her oboe quite often during her lunch breaks.

I tried to convey, in my writing of this piece, her child-like quality and delicate nature through her equally very delicate sounding instrument. This piece, however, does open and close with a big brass-like fanfare statement that is in stark contrast to the rest of the piece. This was my way of giving her, at least for a musical moment, a loud and strong voice through her instrument to express herself. As a result, this phrase pushes the oboe into its most upper tessitura creating a somewhat uncharacteristic timbre. In addition, this bi-thematic statement sets the stage for the coexistence and development of these two themes, tonal centers and contrasting levels of intensity and musical expression.

“Meditative” had its debut at the 2013 Great Neck Music Faculty Recital on Thursday, October 17. Jennifer Hood performed on oboe and was accompanied by a local pianist.