Dos Vibran Por Un Amor

Mallet Percussion

Duet For Vibraphone & Marimba

Dos Vibran Por Un Amor

Category: Mallet Percussion

Duet For Vibraphone & Marimba

Level: Medium/Medium Advanced
Duration: 6:20

Copyright © 2022 Juan G. García

PDF – Sheet Music, Page 1

The Duet For Vibraphone & Marimba entitled, “Dos Vibran Por Un Amor,” was composed from October 19th to November 26th of 2004. This piece was undertaken at the behest of a distant cousin of mine, Alejandro Ruíz Zuluaga, who comes from a long line of family musicians. As a performance major on percussion at the University E.A.F.I.T in Medellin, Colombia in South America, he requested this piece from me during his last semester in the Fall of 2004. Upon graduating he was offered the music faculty position of Chairperson of Percussion to which he proudly accepted. His intentions at the time were for him to play the vibraphone and for his fellow alumni and girlfriend, Sandra Milena Gomez Duque, to play the marimba.

The Spanish title, “Dos Vibran Por Un Amor,” literally means “Two Vibrate For One Love,” or better said, “Two Resonate For One Passion,” respectively.

Originally intended, on my part, for two vibraphones I had given it a title before it’s completion of “Dos Vibran Fonos Un Amor” playing off of the Spanish word for vibraphone (vibrafono). When the marimba replaced the second vibraphone I had to change the name I had been planning to use. Keeping the same idea I altered the title to accommodate the new instrumentation.

The new title worked perfectly and so I left it as it stands today.

“Dos Vibran Por Un Amor” is written with Classical-style constructs yet with Latin rhythms and modal harmonies. Personally written for Alejandro Ruíz Zuluaga and Sandra Milena Gomez Duque, my intention was to express their relationship at various moments; from the first time their eyes met to their hopeful yet unknown future.

In spite of the trials and tribulations we all face when maneuvering through emotional uncertainty, I hoped to also convey nonetheless, the joy they feel when together and sharing their best moments. The passion and love they both share for each other and for their music was my inspiration.