Ambiente Diciembre


Duet for Flute and Piano

Category: Jazz

Duet for Flute and Piano

Level: Easy/Medium
Duration: 4:00

Copyright © 2022 Juan G. García

PDF – Sheet Music, Page 1

The inspirational springboards for this piece came about when I decided to compose some music in a very slow three-four meter while incorporating more Jazz harmonies and working the melody around a minor major 7th chord.  

Originally named “Am^734II” (for a simple file storage reference), I soon gave it the more appropriate and more inspired title of “Ambiente Diciembre.”

In an effort to give more meaningful titles to my music compositions, as I had been instructed to do by some of my previous classical music professors (and avoid these simple file reference names), I came up with this title several years later after it had been composed. The music, in this case, came first and its somber and melancholy mood inspired the title.