Summer Roadtrip with my Boys

AUGUST 25, 2019  – Curious for too many years, I decided to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in-person with my boys in tow. An excellent end-of-summer road trip before the 2019-2020 school year begins.

I was impressed, but if I am being 100% honest, I wished it was larger. They need more space to do more homage to more artists. But what else would you expect from me, a music lover? 

The boys enjoyed themselves. Putting myself in their shoes, it’s likely their favorite highlights were the pinball arcade, the KISS drum set and Michael Jackson’s white glove.

My favorite highlights were all of the very informative displays in photographic, written and video formats.

Also, the upstairs jam session rooms with all instruments available to play on with staff musicians or anyone else who would pick up an instrument and read from the provided fake books!

Worth the 8+ hour roadtrip? 


I spent quality time with my sons and also did further worthwhile exploring. And I would definitely recommend a visit to anyone who considers themselves a true lover of history and Rock music.